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Splash and Crash Cymbals

The modern drum kit usually includes both splash and crash cymbals; smash cymbals are the smaller "accent" cymbals with crash cymbals being larger and used for "effects". 

The most common sized splash has a diameter of 10", followed by 8" crash cymbals start at 14" and rise to 22" and you'll find the complete range of splash and crash cymbals here at Instruments4music. 

The original (and traditional) splash cymbal, was invented by big band jazz drummer Gene Krupa and widely used in the jazz music of the 1920s and 30s. Nowadays, both splash and crash cymbals are widely adopted by rock and pop drummers..

The names "splash" and "crash" provides a good idea of how the cymbals sound with "splash" being a short often syncopated accent.