Sotendo Classical Electric Violin Kit with Bow, Case & Rosin

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An electric violin with a classical style body and attractive natural finish. Just connect the pickup to a mixer or radio microphone belt pack, to reinforce the sound from the instrument. You can adjust the sound level directly on the violin. Supplied with a plush lined hard case, bow and rosin. (Due to damages in transit we cannot pre fit bridges. These are supplied with the violin under the tail piece in some paper, do not throw this item in the bin.)
• Body: laminated linden
• Belly: laminated linden
• Back: laminated linden
• Finish: matt without polishing, antique sanding
• Bridge: maple
• Neck: maple with ebonized hardwood fingerboard
• Tuning Pegs: hardwood
• Chinrest: hardwood
• Endpin: hardwood
• Tailpiece: aluminium alloy with 4 tuners
• Type: Round stick hardwood with horsehair
• Adjuster: wenge with one celluloid band
• Lapping: Nickel silver with thumbpiece
• Tip: ABS
• Body: Foam
• Inside: plush lined
Violin Stand Foldable
Violin Clamp